Board games with timeline

boardgames with Timixi timeline (photo designed by Freepik)

With the board game, you can understand the time relations as well as with the timeline displayed or with knowledge quiz solution. If you try this activity in Timixi, you might like not only the board games themselves, but also the ability to build your own sets of playing cards.

Timixi desk game is designed to enjoy offline dueling. Events that form a timeline together are used to create playing cards this time. Children can cut the cards themselves and glue them together. In a moment they can compete (and casually learn, in fact) in the classroom or family circle.

The board game documentation can be found on every timeline information page. Acquire the timeline, and then just use the Board Game button to download a set of playing cards for free. You can even process printed cards in two ways: individually (with a neutral back side) or pairwise (on the reverse side with the date, on the front with the title of the event). Tips and examples of game rules are available in the Downloads section.

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Most downloaded game Astronomical calendar 2017  
Last downloaded game Stanley Cup 01/21/2020 10:21 PM

Timixi strives to build a modern educational tool with a wide range of features. Board games complement the possibilities of working with a timeline for a fun element while maintaining the educational effect. Start creating your own game by entering a new timeline!


Photo designed by Freepik (timeline board game)

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