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User credits are universal currency in Timixi. A good few timelines are for free in the system, however you can use credits to get a premium timeline.

Buying credits in packages is a good way to make your life easier while saving a few bucks.

By choosing the right package, you will get better price for a credit and get more benefits depending on type of package you choose. You can also buy user credits on a per-unit basis - if you need just one timeline.

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In the Timixi system, credit packages are used just as easily as prepaid cards for mobile services, for example. Credits from a purchased package are deducted when a timeline is acquired - of course, all after by user’s confirm. In order not to spend more credits than you like on the timeline, use the discount chips.

So if you have already tried all the free timelines, you'll need some credits for the premium ones. Choose how often you use the timelines, if you rather prefer to create them or pick the ready-made ones. And if you still hesitate, we can advise you.


Add credits to your user account:


Credit 1

single credit package
  • By setting the amount of units, you can precisely tune the value of your purchase and you will not have any credits over. It will also help when you're missing just a few credits for terrific timeline (and you don't want to buy a larger package). - You pay the basic price for the credit, without additional benefits.

  • 1

  • Validity 30 days
    0.3 EUR/credit

Economy 60

starter credit package
  • The best package, suitable for users, they want to try the Timixi system with certain care. Using this starter credit pack, the user gains experience with the system on several timelines (or quizzes and board games) and decides to use it later. - Better cost per credit than with singular credits.

  • 60

  • Validity 150 days
    0.17 EUR/credit
  • Discount 45 %

Optimal 130

standard credit package
  • Recommended package for relaxing system use. Don't be afraid you'll not have enough credits for the timeline you wish. You won't give too much for this package, but you can discover all the Timixi secrets: just the optimum tuning. - The package has a balanced price / performance ratio.

  • 130

  • Validity 200 days
    0.15 EUR/credit
  • Discount 49 %

Power 300

credit big-pack
  • Bulky load of credits for experienced user who appreciate the great credit price. Even the high-credited timelines with this package are very cost-effective. In our credit packages, this pack has the best credit price. - Credit package for frequent and convenient use of the system.

  • 300

  • Validity 250 days
    0.13 EUR/credit
  • Discount 56 %


The payment gateway is an easy, secure and commonly used online payment process. That's why we use it in Timixi for a quick purchase of credits. In a simple form, provided by GoPay (internet banking operator with bank authorization), a payment will be made after entering the data and verification. Result of the transaction is reported immediately. Thus, the user controls the process and does not have to worry about his money.

The typical method using the gateway is payment by card. It is also popular for its speed - the operation is immediately verified and user can directly use his new Timixi credits. If you choose a  bank transfer, we need to wait until your payment lands on our account.


Payment security in Timixi is guaranteed by trusted payment methods and associations:

GoPay Verified by VISA MasterCard SecureCode VISA VISA Electron MasterCard MasterCard Electronic Maestro

All listed package prices are final. We are not VAT payers.


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