Cookie policy


  1. Timixi uses distinctive cookies, mostly for differentiation of user sessions and/or system settings. These files do not contain personal data of individual users, but can be linked to user profile data for logged-in users.


  1. The Timixi system use the cookies to determine the user's language area and to improve access to the user profile.


  1. The system may also include third-party cookies (e.g., ad networks, traffic analytics, etc.) that serve to maintain anonymous traffic statistics and user device technical parameters. Timixi has no control over third-party cookies, but it continually monitors its content and may terminate the use of some third-party modules in case of breach of the terms of service.


  1. User can disable the use of cookies in their internet browser, but some features may work limited or improper.



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Published: 01/01/2019

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