Apollo Lunar Vehicle LRV, USA (photo: NASA, public domain)

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Lunar and Mars rovers
Automatic and man-driven vehicles on space objects

Automatic research probes play an important role in the exploration of space objects. Even more interesting for scientists are moving vehicles that can extend the perimeter of the area under investigation.
The first cosmic body surface the rover achieved was the Moon. After several attempts, the Soviet Union landed an automatic Lunokhod vehicle. However, a man-driven lunar rover was developed for American astronauts in the Apollo program.
Since then, scientific attention has been focusing on the planet Mars. Several spacecraft landed on its surface and launched the variety of automatic rovers. The most important is the research activity of the United States. Through recent years also China and India are becoming more active.
Of course, we cannot include the Tesla automobile launched in February 2018 as a surface vehicle in space. Billionaire Elon Musk and his company SpaceX used the car only as an attractive load during the test flight of the rocket Falcon Heavy (vehicle dummy wasn’t functional).
The European space agency (ESA) in cooperation with Russian Roskosmos wants to send its own automatic rover Rosalind Franklin to the Moon surface, but the ExoMars mission is delayed. 
A project by Toyota and the JAXA space agency is already under preparation. As part of its ambitious plans, Japan is developing a closed research vehicle for astronauts. The launch of a large rover headed to the Moon is planned around 2030.
The rovers’ timeline summarizes all research vehicles on the Moon and Mars surfaces.


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CZ Pozemní vozidla ve vesmíru

EN Lunar and Mars rovers


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