Use a timeline for it!

10 ways to bring right order to time events in your mind


Use of timeline (example: PC operating systems)This is how I will answer you whenever you need to process some event data: Use a chronology timeline for it! The timeline data plot is clear and easy to understand. The timeline view is very specific - you can't replace it with a description, a list, or a table.

But what can you apply the chronology timeline for?

  1    Want to create a family tree (and avoid complicated programs)?
Sit all together, enter a few details. In a moment you can see an easy family timeline.

  2    Is your hobby a real passion for you? Are you interested in motoring, are you a collector, a sports fan or a fisherman?
Each field has its contests, its winners, its records, its idols. Pick them on a timeline and show off to your friends.

  3    Are you interested in royal families and their rule? Want you a comparison, who ever ruled?
See the history on a timeline. You can even use the compare feature to view selected timelines together.

  4    Do you need to record your planned holiday itinerary or capture visited places?
Enter data to the timeline. You can travel with events on your timeline once more.

  5    Do you run regularly? Do you practice, train, race? Do you keep a training diary?
Create a timeline of your performance. You will see when you rested a bit and when you finally worked hard.

  6    Are you a teacher or lecturer and are looking for how to explain the events of the discussed period?
Draw attention to historical timeline milestones. Students will put the displayed events into context more quickly.

our tip   Hundreds of topics offer themselves to be used on the timeline of chronology. You can find examples on many timelines in the Timixi library.

  7    Do you study? Have a task of creating a school paper?
Don't forget the timeline. You will help yourself with quick creation of it and, maybe, you will be credited for unusual content.

  8    Would you like to impress the boss with a creative report?
Build a timeline for product development, company history or progress on a given project. Instead of taking pictures from the photobank, you may prefer to use a timeline as an remarkable element of your report.

  9    Are you assembling a presentation, a lecture or a seminar?
Into your presentation, add a timeline with the selected events, with the topics explained. The audience will appreciate a different perspective on the issues discussed.

  10    Does your children mix up the battles of American Civil and Revolutionary Wars?
Show them important periods of our history on the timeline. Kids will understand it in a moment, and next time they will ask themself to illustrate the events on the timeline.


Do you need more inspiration for your first chronology timeline here? Take a look at the sample timelines!


Jan Brich


Published: 03/10/2019

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