Make yourself happy still before Christmas

When we started Timixi timelines, we offered an advantage - and it ends in November 2019


special Kick-off credit package for a timeline buy

At the start of the Timixi system, we were entering a new ground. Different views, unique features, but also some shyness to use timelines. We as creators and you as users have started to verify that the system is well designed and working properly.

So it seemed logical that we would offer the first users something extra: a special Kick-off credit package to get premium timelines. But everything also has to end - the system is running, users are creating or acquiring timelines - and the bonus package will be available only until November 30, 2019.

Our offer of credits will not change much. Prices for credit packages, for which you can get premium timelines, remain unchanged. For the basic one, we will now use the name Economy 60, but since December you won't get any additional credits at the same price more.

Obviously this is not a disaster. If you prefer to create your own timelines (whether as a teacher or as a student), be calm: making your own timeline is free and we definitely do not want to change it.

In the Public library (editorial offer) you can still find a lot of free timelines, because its purpose is to show the ways and methods how to handle different topics into the timeline (and use it as knowledge quiz or board game, too).

You can still get selected timelines for just a few symbolic credits - at that point, purchasing a credit package comes in handy. You can choose from both quantity and your interest. For the price of one good pizza you can make a stock of credits for the whole year :-)

So take the advantage of the remaining time and consider if you can still reach for the Kick-off 60+20 package. By the end of November you will see it in Timixi for the last time.

Your chance to buy a bonus credit package Kick-off 60+20 lasts until November 2019.


Jan Brich



Published: 11/11/2019

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