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One of the first features we wanted to add to the timeline view is knowledge quiz. - You can test your knowledge in a amusing way, or discover if you're ready for an important exam. As a teacher, you can use Timixi quiz to alert your students to the chronological relations between the events discussed.

The online quiz (or its written version) can be found on the information page of each timeline. So you select quizzes together with corresponding timelines in the timeline library. There is no additional fee for a quiz, with selected timeline is it free for you.

It's very easy to run a knowledge quiz and handle it. But don't expect your quiz to be very simple. Testing relations between events and other knowledge about the topic can be sometimes a matter of confusion even for experienced person. But if you are not satisfied with your result, you can always try the quiz again - every test run creates a new set of questions.

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See how Timixi members are successful in solving quizzes:

Total number of running quizzes 4082  
Average of all results 57 %  
Average of last 10 quizzes 54 %  
Most favourite quiz Čeští panovníci a hlavy státu  
Last running quiz Nejstarší obce v Česku 07/17/2024 09:57 PM
Best result of last 30 days 100 %  

Improve your quiz results, compete with your friend or mates. Use online knowledge quizzes or paper print quiz. A teacher can test students in the classroom, the children invite their parents to be confronted, the fellows at work seduce a thrilling battle.


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