Code of Ethics for Timixi Users


  1. The user inserts and edits data, displays timelines, writes reviews, fills in quizzes, and uses Timixi system in behalf of its own and others in the Timixi user community.


  1. The user collaborates on editing and creating content, and respects recommendations from community and system administrators.


  1. The user performs under his/her own identity, does not add false or meaningless data to the system, behaves in accordance with good manners, complies with correct communications standards in the community. The user does not distort misleading, false, defamatory messages in and off the system, notably by email, forums, or social network.


  1. The user does not attempt copy or download content from system. The user does not abuse data in the system for duplicate the content and does not copy the content inappropriately.


  1. The user helps with his comments, suggestions for improvement, and community co-operation with Timixi's further development.




v 1.03en, 05/01/2016


Published: 01/01/2019

ver 1.7.6 en