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ZDARMA funkce v Timixi (illustrative photo: designed by nuchylee / Freepic)

Are you a newbie here and have no idea how to use the Timixi? Maybe, you don't know this - the tool, shows you an interesting chronology timelines, is free.

Or, you are probably not so courageous to create your own timeline yet. You may prefer to choose it from amount of ready-made timelines. - Acquire some timeline there for a few symbolic credits. However, there are many free timelines for you, too.

Do you ever heard about automatically generated quizzes, using data from the timeline? Are you considering to apply a quiz in classroom lesson or in educational test? - Receive a quiz as a free timeline's bonus.

Do you like the board games? Do you prefer spend a time with your kids, without dinging of their mobile phones? Keep in mind that even when playing games, children can learn a lot of information and can remember a lot of relations between events. - Create a set of game cards from the events of a timeline - with no charge.

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Timixi gives you the freedom to make decisions, how to use all of timeline options. Don't hesitate to try out, what stuff you can use for free.


Basic free utilities of Timixi timelines:

To create a new chronology timeline by yourself is a simple task. As a basic tool, Timixi timeline maker is free for everyone.

Use filtering in library to select public free timelines - you can find a number of timelines for inspiration in the classroom, at technical show or within the family.

You have online/offline quiz as a feature of the acquired or created timeline - always newly generated set of questions.

You can download playing cards for board game - only find the suitable timeline. Just cut, stick and play then.

Although you can use some of these features without logging in, it's beneficial to operate in timeline system with the user registration. Every time you use Timixi logged, you collect discount chips on your account.



Photo designed by nuchylee / Freepic

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