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Social networks: history
Overview of current and former social networks

Developers have been trying to join users since the dawn of connecting the computers. The social network, as a sociological concept, was defined by James Barnes in the 1950s. However, only the technological advancement of ICT has brought this role to a new level.
The first modern-type communication network is usually mentioned as Six Degrees (1997), which in its name refers to the number of steps to connect all people around globe. Others consider (1995) or PlanetAll (1996) as the founding social networks.
The MySpace (2003) started the boom of social networking sites, until Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook network (open to a wide public since 2006) woke up the massive user interest. The number of active users of the network has now exceeded two billion people.
Google also had great ambitions with its own social networking site. Although Google+ was on the market no. 2 according to registrations, user activity was low and the site was closed in April 2019.
In the social network timeline, we didn’t include direct communication programs and servers (such as IRC, Miranda, ICQ, or WhatsApp). Timeline focused on major networks and applications, usually based on a user profile. You can also compare the estimated size of the user base of a given social network on the timeline.


Timeline span: 1997 - May 2020

Events: 25 (5 with priority)

Timeline with calendar dates: 2 sets of values

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Author : Timixi (editors)


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CZ Sociální sítě: historie

EN Social networks: history


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