Astronaut Buzz Aldrin with the US flag on the Moon (foto: NASA/Neil Armstrong, public domain)

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Apollo 11 - landing on the Moon
Detailed course of US astronauts' mission to the Moon

The political rivalry of the superpowers was compared during the Cold War also by the achievements of space exploration. Therefore, US President J. F. Kennedy declared a bold goal in 1961: to bring the human crew to the Moon and back by the end of the decade.
More than 400,000 people in the United States have gradually joined the prestigious $40 million budget.
To save time and money, NASA scientists chose a more risky way with meeting at lunar orbit. Two space modules flied to the Moon with rocket Saturn V. While Michael Collins orbited in the command module (Columbia), Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin moved to the lunar module (Eagle). They landed on the Moon, explored the lunar surface and later rejoined Collins on orbit in the lunar return section. Finally, all astronauts moved into the command module and went to Earth together.
After returning, the astronauts spent a few weeks in a quarantine facility, where they talked to President R. Nixon. Afterwards they started a triumphant journey through the United States. Reaching the Moon is one of the greatest technical achievements of this era.
On the timeline, we bring the key moments of the historic flight of Apollo 11 to the Moon. UTC time is used for timeline dates.


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CZ Apollo 11 - přistání na Měsíci

EN Apollo 11 - landing on the Moon


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