Famous scientists on Solvay Conference, 1927 (photo: Benjamin Couprie, restoration by Wilfredor, public domain)

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The top scientists of all time
A timeline of the most important inventors and explorers in human history

We have been inspired to place the authors of major progressive thoughts, ideas and findings on one single timeline.

The overview includes the most influential inventors of new technologies, as well as scientists, experimenters and discoverers in natural sciences over the last 1,000 years.

This chronology timeline cannot combine all the important researchers, but attempts (with some perspective) to provide a list of those revelations that we now consider to be fundamental.

The year shown on the timeline refers to the date of birth of the scientist concerned. Scientists who have won the Nobel Prize have it shown by the length of the bar (the prize is awarded anually since 1901).

Feel free to post your picks for other names and discoveries in the chat bubble directly on bottom of this page. The timeline may still be evolving and being added to.


Timeline span: about 965 - 1994

Events: 25

Timeline with calendar dates: 2 sets of values

Time-span events

Linear time-scale

Author : Timixi (editors)


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Community & celebrities   Natural sciences   Physics   Mathematics   Technologies   Electrical engineering   Middle ages   Modern history   Contemporary history  

USA   UK   world   science   inventor   technology   chemistry   mathematics   biology   Germany   France   Italy   invention   electricity   medicine   physics  



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