Displaying events on a chronological timeline is a great way to place time-related facts, understand them well, remember the topic.

article: Teaching in the times of corona

Teaching in the times of corona

How can I continue to manage distance learning when I can't catch up much anymore?   Are you already overwhelmed by inventing tasks, sending emails, jumping between Facebook and WhatsApp, uploading videos, evening chatting and endless corrections of scanned…
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article: Kings, rulers and presidents

Kings, rulers and presidents

How the heads of state hit the history of their countries   In modern democratic systems, all citizens have the same rights and are equal before the law. Yet even an individual as the head of executive power can fundamentally influence the lives of people in his…
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article: Use a timeline!

Use a timeline!

10 ways to bring right order to time events in your mind   This is how I will answer you whenever you need to process some event data: Use a chronology timeline for it! The timeline data plot is clear and easy to understand. The timeline view is very specific…
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article: Informatics on a Timeline

Informatics on a Timeline

Hot tip for a teacher is here...   Timeline is a good tool for teachers to explain time relations between events. In addition, while creating their own timelines, students can prove plenty of their skills. Timelines can be nifty used for education in many school…
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Timeline chronology is useful for classroom teaching, training courses, or home study.

Apply the Timixi event timeline and:

  • present the relations on timeline in classroom lessons
  • show up the sporting achievements of a beloved team
  • alert your students to historical milestones
  • look at the famous rock band's top periods
  • monitor the progress of your company's project
  • declare the key moments at expert seminar
  • create your child's grow up story

And as a bonus: test your knowledge in a quick quiz, or play a board game.


Find new relations directly on timeline. Watch different views of the same time period. Note the highlighted events.



Take a clear view of the entire timeline or focus on a shorter period. Switch between general overview and detailed view.



Choose an interesting topic from the catalog. Let social, professional and private moments stand out on the timeline of chronology.





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