Space Shuttle Endeavor, landing (photo: NASA / Ken Thornsley, public domain)

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Space Shuttle spacecrafts
Overview of all US space shuttles

American Space Shuttle has been a symbol of space missions since the 1980s. The original idea of a cheaper space vehicle than dedicated spacecraft have not come true. So the main feature of this spacecraft remains its multiple usability.
Space Shuttle was able to delivery very bulky and weighty material to the orbit. Shuttles have brought the Hubble telescope in space and played an irreplaceable role in building the ISS International Space Station.
NASA space agency has run five Space Shuttles. The vehicle for early atmospheric flight tests was completed in 1976. The first space flight was conducted by Columbia in 1981, operational flights with a scientific program began in November 1982.
The last Space Shuttle mission, STS-135, was completed by Atlantis in July 2011. The Discovery spent the most time of Space Shuttles in space. Two of the vehicles were destroyed - during the Challenger (on start) and Columbia (on return) disasters. In both cases, their seven-people crews perished. It took always over two-and-a-half years to recover the Space Shuttle flight program.
We have included not just operating Space Shuttles in the timeline, however, test machines and models as an attraction, too. Now, retired shuttles and their mockups are generally placed as expositions in US museums or educational institutions.


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CZ Raketoplány Space Shuttle

EN Space Shuttle spacecrafts


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